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I am Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at Hood College. Previously I taught at Wake Forest University.

I have a Ph.D and M.A. in Economics from George Mason University, and a B.A. in Economics from University of Connecticut. Go Huskies!

My research broadly explores the political economy of public goods, innovation & technological growth, and intellectual property using the tools of new institutional economics, public choice, and market process economics.

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Introduction to Economics

ECN 150 (Sections C & D) - Spring 2016

Course Syllabi: Section C, Section D

Slides Homeworks
1 The Economic Way of Thinking Slides Homework
2 Cooperation and Exchange Slides Homework
3 Supply and Demand Slides Homework
4 Supply and Demand: Applications and Extensions Slides Homework
5 Production and Competition Slides Homework
6 Industrial Organization Slides Homework
7 Knowledge Problems and Market Process Slides Homework
8 Incentive Problems and Public Choice Slides Homework
9 Trade, Globalization, and the Division of Labor Slides Homework
The slides are in .pdf format, as they are Beamer presentations made with LaTeX. Open these in a PDF viewer in a fullscreen view, and they operate like a familiar powerpoint presentation where you can advance with the arrow keys.

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