Test Post Please Don’t Ignore


September 2, 2018

With the new school year in full swing, I have redesigned my personal website, and plan to make occasional posts on the tools I use in my research and teaching. Over the summer, I made the full conversion to using R, R Markdown, and Github for nearly everything I do in my professional life (including managing my website with Hugo/Academic).

This semester, I am teaching econometrics to my students using R for the first time, and optionally nudging them to use R Markdown for their homeworks and paper assignment. My training, both in undergraduate and graduate school, was with Stata, so I am particularly excited to shake things up a bit.

I primarily see this blog as the venue to occasionally post about my experiences and as well as tutorials in using these tools for research and teaching. I have benefited enormously in the past year thanks to people like Kieran Healey, Jenny Bryan, Hadley Wickham, Yihue Xie, Jake Russ, Steven Miller, J. Alexander Branham and Vlad Tarko. Most of these are academics that I have never met, but they were generous enough to make syllabi, lecture slides, source files, and blog posts public on their websites and on Github.

I hope to do my small part to spread word about these useful tools and post examples I use in class or in my research here.