This page is under construction, but most of my projects are open source and can be found in my GitHub repositories. This includes all of the materials for my course websites and course content.

Shiny Portfolio

These are largely R shiny apps that I have written to demonstrate economic concepts for my economics courses. The main purpose is to visualize concepts in action (often through a graph) and especially show how key parameters affect the outcome by allowing users to change these values and see the graph update dynamically.

Consumer Theory

Consumer’s Problem

Consumer's Problem
Changes in Consumer’s Problem

Industrial Organization

Profit Maximization with Market Power

Cournot Oligopoly with Market Changes

Cournot Oligopoly with \(N\) Firms
Cournot Oligopoly with Asymmetric Costs

Game Theory

Repeated Prisoners’ Dilemma
Evolutionary Hawk Dove Game


Elasticity and Surpluses

Tax Incidence
Calculus of Consent Model
Calculus of Consent Model
Ordinary Least Squares Regression

Solow Growth Model

Economics Graphs in ggplot


I have taught a variety of economics courses and make all of my slides and course materials in R/Xaringan/Quarto. This includes a very wide variety of graphs and illustrations of economic concepts, all of which I have drawn using ggplot2. I will begin creating a library of different graphs and the source code to make them (and one day make a package with dedicated functions to easily make each of them).

Until I have that ready, it’s best just to poke around the slides for all of my courses.

Course Websites

Since the Fall of 2019, I have made individualized websites for each of my courses. You can find links to them on my teaching page, and the repositories on my GitHub.

Hex Stickers

As part of my themeing for each of my courses, I have been making a custom hex stickers in the style that has become popular in the R/tidyverse community. You can find the image sources, outputs, and the code to render each one in this repository.