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Hood College (2016–2023)

Course titles below link to the latest semester of each course website. Courses prior to Fall 2019 do not have a dedicated website, but slides and some assignments are posted here. Many courses may have prior website versions with full materials but are either password protected or answer keys are hidden. If you are interested in the answer keys/materials, I am happy to share them with you (just email me)!

ECMG 212 - Statistics for Economics and Business
ECON 205 - Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 304 - International Political Economy
ECON 306 - Microeconomic Analysis
ECON 315 - Economics of the Law
ECON 316 - Game Theory
ECON 317 - Economics of Development
ECON 324 - International Trade
ECON 326 - Industrial Organization
ECON 410 - Public Economics
ECON 452 - History of Economic Thought
ECON 480 - Econometrics
MGMT 399 - Internship for Business Administration

Wake Forest University (2015–2016)

ECN 150 - Introduction to Economics
ECN 272 - Austrian Economics

George Mason University (2013–2015)

ECON 385 - International Economic Policy
ECON 403 - Austrian Economics
ICES High School Summer Workshops