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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Safner, Ryan. forthcoming. “The Most Interesting Economist in History: Using an NCAA-Style Tournament Assignment to Teach the History of Economic Thought” Journal of Economics Teaching


  1. Safner, Ryan. (2022) “Honor Among Thieves: How 19th Century American Pirate Publishers Simulated Copyright Protection.” Economic Governance 24: 119-141

Published Preprint

  1. Tarko, Vlad and Ryan Safner. (2022) “International Regulatory Diversity Over 50 Years: Political Entrepreneurship within Fiscal Constraints.” Public Choice 193(1-2): 79-108

Published Preprint

  1. Safner, Ryan. (2021) “‘Public Good,’ or ‘Good for the Public?’ Political Entrepreneurship and the Public Funding of Scientific Research.” Journal of Private Enterprise 36(1): 743-771

Published Preprint

  1. Safner, Ryan. (2016) “Institutional Entrepreneurship, Wikipedia, and the Opportunity of the Commons.” Journal of Institutional Economics 12(4): 743-771

Published Preprint

  1. Safner, Ryan. (2016) “The Perils of Copyright Regulation.” Review of Austrian Economics 29: 127-137

Published Preprint

Articles Under Review

Gangotena, Santiago and Ryan Safner. (2022) “The Production of Increasing Returns: Physical Technology, Institutional Technology, and the Pitfalls of Production Functions.” (Revise & Resubmit requested)


Research in Progress

“A Tale of Two Capitals: Modeling the Interaction between Ideas, Physical Capital, and Growth.” (with Santiago Gangotena)

Distributing Patronage: Censorship, Freedom of the Press, and Copyright in the English Transition from Natural State to Open Access Order

Pirate Thy Neighbor: The Protectionist Roots of U.S. Recognition of Foreign Copyrights

Kickstart My Art: Is Crowdfunding a Substitute or a Complement to Intellectual Property Laws?

Cryptocopyright? The Prospects of Protecting Intellectual Property on the Blockchain

The Network Origins of Economic Growth (with Santiago Gangotena)